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9 ans · Brunoy

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55ème Global et 7ème Île-de-France au concours Noël 🎄🌟 qui s’est terminé il y a un mois.
Lot gagné : 1000 votes
93 €

Nessa est une petite fille altruiste et adorable, elle aime beaucoup partager des moments en famille et s’amuser comme une chipie 😍



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Devin J.
Devin J. Hi, I was wondering if you would be willing and able to support my dog in these final days of his contest with advanced votes?? I don't currently have room to do exchanges, but if you can advance now then in your next contest i will happily return. This is his last contest as he has cancer and a heart disease 😔 we maybe have a couple weeks left with him so your help and support would mean the world let me know Pepper Jack